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Traffic Lights sp. z o.o. introduced the third generation of e-traffic traffic lights based on Philips Lumileds Luxeon Rebel power LED technology. This technology guarantees long service life, high efficiency and low failure rate. The electronic components used in our devices are manufactured on specially programmed computer machines, which is reflected in the reliability of our products. Before the traffic light reaches the customer, it is tested for several hours on identical controllers that operate at the intersections of traffic lights. Our e-traffic III traffic lights are made of flexible materials, have full tightness, are easy to assemble.

The production of e-traffic III devices is located in Stargard in the Zachodniopomorskie Province, Poland.

Everything is located in one place, which facilitates the work and supervision of prepared devices. The organization of storage and production space results directly from the requirements of the notified certification laboratory. The production part consists of the positions on which specific assembly operations are performed as well as activities that check the functioning of the device ensuring the achievement of the appropriate quality. Finished products leaving the assembly part undergo several-hour tests of electronics parameters on traffic lights controllers. The same controllers on which the tests are made are applicable at street traffic intersections, which guarantees reliability in use.

The entire organization of the factory and production method ensures satisfaction of our customers with purchased devices and encourages them to continue cooperation with a reliable and solid business partner.

High quality

Traffic lights which we offer are created by specialists who base on the latest technologies.

A lot of experienced people work on every project to make it one hundred percent well prepared. Each of the implemented projects is subjected to individual analysis from many sides. We use many possible solutions to make the final result the best, and its formation is divided into several stages, in which data are sent to appropriate project teams. Our traffic lights are distinguished by ingenuity and reliability thanks to the use of advanced tools and innovative IT solutions. The products have CE certificates and operate in the EU and beyond. Our factory passes FPC inspections (Factory Production Control) every year. This process includes the appropriate delivery, storage, transfer of components to the production line and adequate control over production. This system allows you to eliminate errors and to separate defective components that do not meet rigorous requirements.

The business of the company is the manufactory of traffic lights.



Our products have European certificates based on the EN 12368: 2015 standard



All our products are tested on professional devices before they reach the customer.



Our factory undergoes annual FPC quality control guaranteeing high quality.



We ensure the best customer service and high quality products.

Experience and reliability

We are able to be real partners of our customers. Many companies claim to be a business partner, but few can really be one. With more than a dozen years of experience, we prove in everyday work how to be a real partner in business. We are able to face even the most difficult situations, complicated orders and dedicated investments, and devote a lot to meet the expectations of our customers. Respect and care for good interpersonal relationships is the real added value of our work.


Traffic Lights sp. z o.o. is a company with many years of experience in the production of traffic lights. Our company introduced the third generation of e-traffic III lights based on the Philips Lumileds Luxeon Rebel power LED technology.

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